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FIREMAN SERVICE GROUP Service and Maintenance of Marine Fire Fighting Equipment,Annual,Bi-Annual Inspection with INSTALLATION Fixed Co2 system,Fixed Dry powder system,Fixed Foam systemand Fire Alarm system

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IMO Signs.

Printed using class A photo-luminescent

Solas chapter III,Regulation 9.23 life saving equipment

Davit Launched Liferaft
Code : 000096
Davit Launched LiferaftImpa 33 41 03 150x150 mm.
Embrakation ladder
Code : 000097
Embrakation ladderIMO SignsSize 150x150 mm
Lifebuoy with line
Code : 000099
Liifebuoy with line150x150 mm.Impa 33 41 07
IMO Lifeboat Signs
Code : 000117
IMO Life boat signsize 150x150 mm.
Emergency escape breathing apparatus(EEBD)
Code : 000119
Emergency escape breathing apparatus(EEBD)
Immersion suit
Code : 000147
Immersion SuitSize 150x150 mm.
Code : 000148
Reflective Tape Solas Grade 3M
Price 0.00 $
Code : 000149
Silver Reflective tape Sols Grade 3 M50.8mmx 45.0 M
Axe Sign
Code : 000157
Axe Sign size 150x150 mm
Firehose sign
Code : 000158
Firehose Sign size 150x150 mm
Lifejacket sign
Code : 000159
Lifejacket sign size 150x150 mm.
Rescue Boat sign
Code : 000160
Lifebuoy sign
Code : 000161
Lifebuoy signssize 150x150 mm
Medical Locker sign
Code : 000162
Medical Locker signsize 150x150 mm
Immersion suit sign
Code : 000163
Immersion Suit size 150x150 mm
Rocket Parachute Flare
Code : 000164
Rocket Parachute FlareSize 150x150 mm

Total: 16: